Shiatsu Teacher Reveals Taoist Secret for Powerful Healing.

It seems that while our current world has brought incredible and amazing gifts, there have also been some challenging consequences...

  • Increased stress.
  • Increased speed of life.
  • Increased difficulties relaxation
  • Constant pressure to be more, have more and be seen to have and be more.

I have run into this as well - and as a doctor - not only was I seeing it in my patients but also seeing it in myself.

I was somewhat lost.

I could see the problem in my patients and I could feel the problems in my own body.

And as I struggled to find a way out, a teacher came and pointed out to me that doing more of the same with more power and intensity would be unlikely to actually lead to me solving my issues.

“Fine I said!”

“So what’s your advice?”

And he let me in on the secret.

Wu Wei.

Wu What? What the heck is that?

Ah, perhaps you are just as intrigued as I was… “Wu Wei” - the art of doing without doing.

Um… Dr Rolley.. English please.

My teacher shared that Wu Wei meant using techniques that take no force and yet have powerful effects.

For example:

  • That he could hold up a patient’s arm and let the very weight of the arm itself open and release the locked up muscle in the patient's arm.
  • He could lean into someone's body and transfer powerful amounts of force, just through using his own body weight.

This was so far from my usual existence of working harder and harder to force my patients to get better that I thought it must have been a joke.

Finally the opportunity to learn these techniques opened up for me last August and a new world of healing opened up for me.

The previously hidden world of acupuncture meridians suddenly became obvious and with it, it became clear where to stick the acupuncture needles...

You see, I had been through acupuncture training in 2013 yet my results had been frustratingly inconsistent.

Some patients - “miracle” cures.

Other’s got nothing.

I could not work out why or what to change so I dropped away from acupuncture and returned to traditional General Practice.

But now, with the addition of Shiatsu… The human body suddenly became clear.

As if I had been wandering around in a dark room stumbling into all sorts of different objects in both GP and acupuncture….

Once I added in Shiatsu… The lights turned on!

And so, if you have joined me on this journey through my discoveries… Perhaps, you are wondering - can these techniques help you?

If you would like to find out, perhaps you have been struggling with pain and disease that despite your visits to doctors and healers, still persist…

Then perhaps it is time to benefit from Wu Wei.

Perhaps you too may find as I did the power of slowing down, taking some time for yourself and discovering whether the ancient arts of Shiatsu and Acupuncture may benefit you.

  • More health
  • Less pain
  • More wellbeing

If your answer is yes, then the next step for you is for us to catch up online for a preliminary assessment of where you are and whether these healing practices are a match for you.

To do that - simply call Stephanie on 0491 251 866 now.

I look forward to seeing you soon for your first consultation together,

Kind regards,


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