Medical Acupuncture Now Available in Byron Bay.

Medicare Rebates Available.

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Combining Zen Shiatsu with Acupuncture

Helps both physical and mental diseases utilising the 12 meridian pathways of the body.

Allow one hour for sessions.

Treatments involve Zen Shiatsu bodywork then acupuncture point needling.

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Location and Availability

Appointments available Wednesday and Thursdays in Byron Bay.

Address : Upstairs at Tonic Clinic, 13 Lawson St, Byron Bay.

Treatments available in Mullumbimby Tuesdays Only - Call Mullum Medical on 66841511 to book these sessions.

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Discover the Morning Meditations to Empower your day.

Join Dr Tom for to learn these simple yet powerful morning meditations to overcome sluggish energy, tight muscle and your body not working.

If you are struggling with your work performance, strained with your family and disconnected from God then discover how these three forms practiced daily can transform your life...

1. Self Massage to bring energy and vitality to bones, muscles and lymphatics

2. Learn Turtle Longevity 1st form and become a Golden Turtle

3. Discover the 12 meridians in your body and open them every day.

Yes, I want to learn the Morning Meditation Qi Gong Forms

  • Wake your body up at three levels every morning
  • Increase focus and calm with Turtle Longevity 1st Form
  • Stretch each of the 12 meridians daily with Makka Ho

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Learn Morning Qi Gong
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Kirtan on Friday Nights...

Join Dr Tom on Harmonium for Devotional Chanting...

  • Connect to Spirit
  • Discover Bhakti Yoga
  • Sanskrit Chant Sheets provided

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Is Medical Acupuncture for you?

Struggling with being told that you will just have to manage your condition, that you have to live with your symptoms or there is simply no more treatments to do?

Sick of struggling with focus at work?

Struggling in your marriage and your relationships with your children?

Feeling disconnected and wondering why life just does not work like you want it to?

Discover why Medical Acupucnture May Be a Match for your Health and Wellbeing...

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Get Medical Acupuncture to help with...

  • Neck, Shoulder, Back Pain
  • Anxiety, Depression, Stress
  • Tendonitis, bursitis, fasciitis
  • Chronic medical conditions

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